Thailand's major Supermarkets join Yindii to make grocery shopping more affordable and sustainable

Bangkok, Thailand – December 13, 2021 – Major Supermarket brands of Thailand such as Lotus's, Tops Market, Central Food Hall, and Gourmet Market have joined hands with Yindii to fight against food waste in Thailand, and also to make your grocery shopping more affordable and more sustainable than before.

Yindii, a Thailand based anti-food-waste startup connects eco-conscious, deal seeking hungry customers to delicious unsold, surplus food from premium bakeries, restaurants, and hotel chains at highly discounted prices. Supermarkets, contributing to a substantial percentage of the food waste generated in Thailand, have now decided to partner with Yindii to fight against the major socio-environmental problem of food waste. A customer can now rescue high quality, unsold food such as fruits, vegetables, fresh food, and ready-to-eat meals from supermarkets, at a 50% to 80% discount.

A growing awareness of the impact of food waste and the need to become more sustainable is compelling all food businesses, especially the supermarkets, to commit to food waste reduction in all means possible. Yindii is a win-win methodology for the mission of reducing food waste – where the supermarkets become more sustainable and profitable by selling the unsold food on the platform; and the customers get to save the food, save money and the planet, all while munching delicious food from the comfort of their homes.

Image by Nati Melnychuk

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