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Sell your surplus food,


don't waste it!

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Register now and start selling your unsold food!​

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Be seen as a sustainable &
eco-friendly brand

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Get access to new customer base

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Partner with Yindii


Our eco-friendly partners
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Our secret weapon? 
The Yindii Surprise Bag!

At the end of the day, just pack left items in surprise bags.

No need to predict what food won’t sell. Fill the Yindii Bag with your daily surplus - whatever it ends up being. That's it!

Think of it as an easy way to avoid wasting your delicious products, turn losses into income and attract new customers.

It feels like a surprise gift when customers receive it!

Benefits    for your business

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Win back losses
Turn surplus into revenues easily


Minimal efforts
Easier than throwing food away


Become sustainable
90% of customers say it improves
brand perception


Attract new customers
7 out of 10 customers return at full price

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Be loved
by customers for being eco-friendly


Differentiate your brand
Create customer loyalty at full value


See what our Food Heroes have to say about Yindii

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15 bakery stores

Yindii is a social impact application driving movement against food waste we want to be part of. It connects our stores to new users who get a chance to try our products and enjoy it.

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The Mall Group

“After working with Yindii, we manage to reduce waste by more than 70 percent in fruits & vegetables section, saving on destruction costs & increasing in-store traffic”

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The feedback we received is extremely positive from everyone - our staff, the chef, the customer that our food is distributed instead of being thrown away. People get a chance to try food and products we make. Our sales have gone up, clearing 90% of our surplus, showing people care a lot.

Tiengna Success Story

"We sell out 96% of our surplus stock"

"We are Tiengna, a family business in Bangkok, specializing in croissants, pastries & donuts. Yindii is our go-to app to clear the daily stock and reach out to new customers. Zero waste is good for the planet and it means Zero loss for our business."


food was


new customer
to our store


Central Success Story

"Increasing foot traffic"

Excess of food from Tops and Family Mart's business operations are now packed into a "Surprise Bag" for sale at a very economical price in exclusivity on Yindii. It generates extra revenues instead of losses and drives numerous customers to the point of sales.

"Central Retail wants to achieve the goal of reducing the amount of food waste by 30% by 2030. We found in Yindii a partner who can help us create sustainability for the planet and improve quality of life for people."

  • What if a customer is unhappy with the food ?
    Yindii has a “satisfied or reimbursed” commitment with its users. Yindii user is invited to check the box content and the food quality at pickup after what customer accepts full liability (cf user terms and conditions). Yindii user is informed that food needs to be eaten "on the spot" if not otherwise advised on the product packaging.
  • What should I put in my shop's surprise bag?
    You can tailor the surprise bag to your business needs. Observe for a few days what surplus you usually have & what's the value amount it reaches Decide what could be an exciting assortment to give to a someone you'd like to convert into a new customer Customer are usually expecting : - Clear description of the content : even if it's a surprise, customer wants to know what they can expect. Is it going to be a sweet bakery for my dessert or savory items for my dinner ? Is it enough for 1 person or more ? - Variety : if possible try mixing the items. It's great for the customer to try out different products and making sure he will like some of them if not all. - Value for money : you define a retail price for your box so stick to it when packing the surplus items. If you have more than expected, feel free to add more to the box to avoid wastage. It will reward the "food hero" saving it and increase your chances to get a positive review or a nice post on social media. Be creative: - You can propose different size (S, M & L) with incrementing discounts to appeal to different customers. We see that pricing 99, 199 and 299THB are the most successful. - If you have soon-to-be-expired items in big quantity, increasing discounts increase your chances of clearing stock fast
  • How does Yindii work on a daily basis ?
    Yindii is very easy and only takes 5 minutes per day 1. When you have surplus food, you update your stock of "Surprise Bags". Stock update can be manual or automatic. Clearance promotion is 50% minimum. 2. Customers search for Surprise Bags and pre-pay through the app. 3. At a time you set, "Happy hours", customers pick-up their Surprise Bags from your business or get delivered. Pack at the last minute with any surplus items that need to be sold. 4. You recoup sunk costs, drive new customers to discover your business, and help the planet.
  • What if don't have leftover on a specific day ?
    That’s great ! In that case, click on “Inventory” and put 0 in “quantity” for today. Next day, quantities will be reset with the initial recurring quantity. You can confirm or cancel the order up to 1 hour before the happy hour.
  • How much does Yindii charge for its service ?
    There is no charges to join the Yindii app and no monthly fees. If Yindii finds you a customer to rescue your surplus food, the app charges a success fee. GP can be negotiated based on volume or specific conditions. Contact our partnership team to get access to the best rates for your business. Food waste is a financial burden for all businesses. With Yindii, turn surplus into an opportunity : Recoup your food costs, get new customers to discover your food and make them love you for being an eco-friendly brand. Together, we tackle food waste and its environmental consequences !
  • Does the shop have to pay or handle the delivery service ?
    Bangkok: No, the shops do not have to pay anything for delivery, neither handle it. Yindii takes care of the delivery with our third-party fleet partners and will handle customer service. Hong Kong: Currently there is pick-up service only, there is no delivery of food in place.
  • How will customers get their orders ?
    Users will pay directly in the app and can choose between pickup or delivery. To pick-up their food at your store, they need to show you their mobile receipt and CONFIRM the pickup. Delivery starts at pick-up time and will be handled by our delivery fleet partner.
  • When will my shop get paid ?
    Payments will be made at the beginning of every month by Bank Transfer. Merchant will be provided access to its detailed earnings on the “Order” section.
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Bakery and pastry Shops

Sell your products at the end of the day that usually can't be stored until the next day. Win back losses and bring new customers that will love you for being sustainable!


Supermarket and groceries

Sell your unsold food in advance to avoid waste - don't wait until your fresh products to turn bad. Recover a part of COGS, differentiate your brand and drive customers to your store!

Food business types we serve


Hotels and restaurants

Stop throwing away bakery, cakes and delicious food from the buffets! Save costs and highlight your sustainability journey to the world!


B2B and online businesses

Sell your soon-to-expire products and avoid overstock to throw away. Make consumers happy by creating a nice mix of surplus products as a 'rescue box'. Bring visibility to your brand and avoid financial losses that could harm your business!

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