No one likes to see perfectly good food go uneaten. Sell your unsold food at the end of the day and make money out of something that would turn into net loss !

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    Sell your excess food to customers when you’re about to close.

    Reduce food waste and disposal costs. Win back losses.

    No extra work. Your inventory surplus is uploaded automatically every day.

    No starting cost to try it ! You only pay a fee when you sell surplus that would be a sunk cost otherwise.

    Joining our service sends a strong message that your business cares about the environment and waste. You can easily do that without spending any money and generating revenues.


    Yindii service connects you with our eco-friendly customers in an emotional way that coupon companies could never do. Together, we are raising awareness that unsold food can mean high quality meals and fighting waste is key to reduce global warming. The Yindii community will love you for it ! This translates to customer loyalty in the future.

    Yindii Box

    We know it’s hard to guess what will be left at the end of day.

    Fill a bag with delicious, unsold items and give our customers a feel-good Yindii box full of surprises.


    We know you’re busy working.

    Once you’re set, quantities refill automatically everyday. Last minute change ? No problem, modify anything in 1 click !

    No Commitment

    We know you care about what works.

    Free to use. No contract. No extra purchase. Set up your account in 5 minutes and start selling your surplus.


    Box up delicious surplus meals, and sell to local customers in a feel-good Yindii Box ! Cut down on waste while getting new customers and improving your brand perception.

    "It's a Win-win solution to reduce waste and increase margins"