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Yindii Brand Hero Award

Updated: Dec 15, 2023

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🔥 Unveiling South East Asia Sustainable Food Pioneers 2023🔥

In the fast-paced realm of hospitality, retail, and food service, where profit margins are scrutinized, and sustainability targets seem hard to reach, a beacon of hope emerges. Yindii, the leading food surplus platform in Asia, proudly announces the nominee for its "Yindii Brand Award" 2023, spotlighting outstanding brands that have passionately embraced the mission to curb food wastage and its profound impact on our planet.

Today, we reveal the nominees for the Brand Heroes of the Year 2023 Award. The final winners will be announced in January 🏆

🏆 What Sets Them Apart:

These selected brands have gone above and beyond mere adherence to sustainability norms. They have become beacons of inspiration, turning challenges into opportunities. Through cutting-edge practices, innovative partnerships, and a relentless commitment to the cause, they've etched their names in the annals of sustainability excellence.

🌟 The Ripple Effect:

Being part of the Yindii Brand Hero of the Year celebration isn't just an accolade; it's a powerful statement. It's a testament to these brands' resilience, foresight, and dedication to making a lasting positive impact on the world. As they set new benchmarks, other brands may find themselves reflecting on missed opportunities and reconsidering their approach to sustainability.

🔥A Call to Action:

To the Brand Heroes of 2023, we salute you! Your commitment to sustainability resonates beyond your industry. To those not on this prestigious list, the time for change is now. Embrace innovation and join the movement towards a more sustainable future. Be a catalyst for transformation, where every brand aspires to be a hero in the fight against food waste


🌟Yindii's Brand Hero of the Year 2023 categories celebrates the Front-Runners, determined by the highest volume of food diverted from landfills on Yindii HONG KONG : Yindii's Brand Hero of the Year 2023

Nominees for the “Cafés & Bakery Shops” Category committed to minimizing their ecological footprint:

o The Baker and The Bottlemen

o Little Mermaid by City Super Limited

o Cookie DPT

o Levain Bakery

o The Cakery

o Cocolo Tokyo Cake Factory

Nominees for the “Hospitality” Category, leading positive change, are:

o Rosewood Hong Kong

o Cordis by Langham Hospitality Group

o Holiday Inn by IHG Hotels & Resorts

o The Park Lane Hong Kong, a Pullman Hotel

Nominees for the “Retail & Grocery” Category showcasing commitment to increasing their impact are:

o City'Super City Super Limited

o Feather & Bone, Hong Kong

o Lantao

o Moonwell

o Honest Market

Nominees for the “Restaurant” Category, proving delectable dining experiences not at the expense of the environment :

o Pret A Manger

o Fusion Deli

o Kale by BCI Empower

o Fete Up

o Kome Korner by UNY Unicorn Stores (HK) Ltd

THAILAND : Yindii's Brand Hero of the Year 2023

Nominees in the “Cafés & Bakery Shops” category, dedicated to minimizing their ecological footprint, include:

o Mx Cakes & Bakery (ThaiBev)

o Beyond Bread

o Bonjour (Dusit Group)

o Tiengna

o Yellow Spoon

Nominees in the “Hospitality” category, spearheading positive change and setting remarkable examples, encompass:

o Hyatt

o Centara

o Conrad by Hilton

o Dusit International

o The Athenee Hotel, Luxury Collection

Nominees in the “Retail & Grocery” category, showcasing commitment to amplifying their impact, are:

o Gourmet Market (The Mall)

o Sunshine Market

o Tops

o Happy Grocers

o Dinosao Food Service

Nominees in the “Restaurant” category, proving delectable dining experiences need not compromise the environment, include:

o S&P Restaurant and Bakery

o Hummus Head

o Gourmet Primo

o Ohana Poke


🌟Yindii's Rising Stars Brand Hero of the Year 2023 categories celebrates the new comers that started they journey with Yindii this year and are already making waves !

🌟 Hong Kong Heroes:

- Cocolo Tokyo Cake Factory

- Daily Bread


🌟 Thai Titans:

2. Unohana Tofu

5. Nico Nico


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