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Eat plant-based in Bangkok without breaking the bank

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

Eat vegan vegetarian plant-based food on a budget Bangkok
Eat vegan, vegetarian or plant-based on a budget in Bangkok

A lot of people mistakenly assume that being vegan or having a plant-based diet is expensive, especially in Bangkok. We disagree! It depends on what and where you buy, and how you cook. Below are a few tips and tricks to help keep food costs down via the Yindii App, without sacrificing flavor or variety.

organic quality grocery fruits vegetables vegan vegetarian plant-based discount half-price surplus-unsold-zero-food-waste-happygrocers-farmtastic-fals-sales
How can you get organic groceries, fruits & vegetables, at half price and more?

Choose local providers or groceries that source locally

We are massive fans of these local providers! Since fewer intermediary parties are involved in the process, there are the added advantages of less plastic usage, better price & more organic options. As you can imagine, the carbon footprint of a tomato locally sourced versus the one imported from abroad is dramatically lower! So go local, go!

Some of the best & most sustainable local providers in Bangkok use Yindii app when they have excess stock of the groceries, to provide them at much reduced prices. It's a fantastic way for you to try out different choices without emptying your wallet from:

  • Happy Grocers

  • Farmtastic (every Thursday and Sunday morning)

  • Sustaina

  • OC Organic Shop

  • Dinosao

  • LED Farm

  • Homeland Grocer

happy hour deals croissant premium bakery shop bangkok
Yindii App allows to snap food deals at 50 to 80% Off

Buy surplus food during daily “happy hours”

Don’t want to skip on the quality, but you’re on a tight budget? On Yindii, the end of every day brings opportunities to dine on some high-quality food at highly discounted prices. Why? Because otherwise, it will be discarded and lost. And nobody likes to see great food filling out the landfills. If you’re looking for a chance to dine on decent plant-based baked goods or meals at a discount, check the following brands on Yindii:

  • Broccoli Revolution (vegan restaurant chain)

  • Theera Healthy Bake Room

  • Carrots (vegan bistro)

  • The Chat Café (home-made Indian meals)

  • Suananda Vegetarian Garden (home style healthy vegetarian food)

  • Pasta & Spice (fusion Italian-Thai dishes)

  • Hummus Heads (Lebanese restaurant)

  • Kitchen Fresh (healthy food from Chiang Mai)

  • Take a Bowl (salad restaurant)

  • Ohana Poké (Hawiian poke balls)

Deals discount save money Bangkok Supermarkets grocery store kid happy
Bangkok Supermarkets are starting to give huge discounts to avoid wasting

Make the most of your shopping trip

Supermarket chains are usually cutting food waste by dropping prices on items just before their expiration date. Great news for you: plant-based options are also available on Yindii! Next time you go on a shopping trip, pick up your surprise grocery box from Yindii and complement what you need to cook by checking it in the store.

Here are the participating supermarkets (Check the app frequently as we’re adding new stores every week) :

  • Tops Supermarket (Rama 9)

  • Central Food Hall (Central World)

  • Lotus’s (Rama 1)

  • Gourmet Market (Siam Paragon)

  • Gourmet Market (Ngamwongwan)

  • Sunshine Market (Phrom Phong)

  • Pig Out (Ekkamai)

Why is veganism important for the planet?

Transitioning totally or partially to a plant-based diet can help reduce greenhouse gases and preserve water and land. If you want to know more, check out our favorite sustainability & plant-based blog by Root The Future.


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