The Banana Warrior


The Banana Warrior

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The Banana Warrior will prepare a Yindii Box filled with products some of our home-made healthy & Vegan desserts 🍌🌼🎁 depending on the availability of the day

  • ‘Triple X It” banana cake with extra 80% cacao chocolate chip
  • ‘Cry Me A Raspberry’ Banana and mixed berry bread with a wild berry jam and cacao centre
  • ‘Bunny Bread’ Banana and spice carrot bread with walnuts
  • ‘Chai Chai Chai’ chai cheese Cake
  • ‘Inspired by Bali’ raw brownie
  • ‘Vanilla Fudge’ – nut butter fudge
  • Lots of others gooooodies

Just warm the dessert up and it is as good as new..

Please do let us know if you do have any food allergies or intolerance.


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