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Sell your surplus food,

don't waste it!

  • Register now and start selling your unsold food!​

  • Be seen as a sustainable & eco-friendly brand

  • Get access to new customer base

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Our secret weapon ? The Yindii Surprise Bag !

At the end of the day, just pack left items in surprise bags.

No need to predict what food won’t sell. Fill the Yindii Bag with your daily surplus - whatever it ends up being. That's it!

Think of it as an easy way to avoid wasting your delicious products, turn losses into income and attract new customers.

It feels like a surprise gift when customers receive it!

Bakery and pastry Shops

Sell your products at the end of the day that usually can't be stored until the next day. Win back losses and bring new customers that will love you for being sustainable! 

Supermarket and premium groceries

Sell your unsold food in advance to avoid waste - don't wait until your fresh products to turn bad. Recover a part of COGS, differentiate your brand and drive customers to your store!

Hotels and restaurants

Stop throwing away bakery, cakes and delicious food from the buffets! Save costs and highlight your sustainability journey to the world!

B2B and online businesses

Sell you soon-to-expire products and avoid overstock to throw away. Make consumers happy by creating a nice mix of surplus products as a 'rescue box'. Bring visibility to your business and avoid financial losses that could harm your business!

Benefits for your business

Win back losses

Recover COGS

5 min work everyday

Easier than throwing food away

Become truly sustainable

90% of customers say it improves brand perception

Find new customers

7 out of 10 customers return at full price

Be loved

Customers will love you for being eco-friendly

Differentiate your brand

Create customer loyalty at full value

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