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An HONEST & ARTISAN pastry shop where we provide comforting fresh baked goods. All ingredients are locally sourced and ensure all are 100% from nature. Gluten free / No sugar option is available

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  • Mallika Tita April 3, 2021

    ได้เค้กวันเกิดไซส์ xs strawberry soft cheese มา 1 ชิ้นค่ะ😁

  • katy ludvigsen March 22, 2021

    We just received our order from Yellow Spoon and we are disappointed with what was classed as a deal. 1 piece of lemon cake and 2 caneles (which are delicious) and then some sliced fruit in syrup. Compared to what others have received this was a bit of a let down.

  • Ginny Landolfi
    Ginny Landolfi March 22, 2021

    I don't usually complain, I've had amazing boxes from different Yindii vendors but I've seen pictures of other users that bought from Yellow Spoon Emquartier and Ekkamai so I am quite disappointed with what they sent. There are far better deals on Yindii than this, specially sending a few very thin slices of fruit in syrup... Anyways the lemon tart and the 2 caneles tasted good but it's definitely not a deal if you look at their prices online or at the shop. I'd have given a 5 stars on food quality but the fruit in syrup was inedible due to the amount of sugar.

  • ธัญรัศม์ ทวีสุข
    ธัญรัศม์ ทวีสุข March 21, 2021

    เปิดมาเจอเค้ก 1 กล่อง คานาเร่ 1 ถุง 6 -7 ชิ้นได้ สั่งมา 2 ชุด ฟินไปเลบค่ะ ขนมอร่อยคุณภาพดีเหมือนซื้อทานที่ร้านปกติเลยค่ะ คนส่งดีมากค่ะ เค้กมาสภาพเดิมเป๊ะ รักที่สุดร้านนี้