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Whisked Away is an Online Bakeshop run by two sisters: Saranya & Chariya. We offer a variety of options such as Vegan, Non-Vegan, Healthy, Refined Sugar Free, Gluten-Free and more. Our wide range of bread, pastries and desserts are made to be inclusive of all dietary requirements and restrictions. Check out our Instagram @whiskedawaybkk for more information as well as the menu!

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  • anabi mangharam September 24, 2020

    Their monkey loaf is probably the best thing you’ll eat in this whole world! So gooood ❤️ Will definitely order again!

  • Reenu narula
    Reenu narula August 24, 2020

    Wild monkey loaves 🐒🐒 like no other and tiramisu. They are so aromatic, full of flavor both of your products. Both are vegan thats so amazing for people for looking out for some dessert and savory. Tiramisu was spongy and moist. Certainly waiting to try other vegan cheese..mouth watering😀😁👍🍰🍰🍞

  • Reenu narula
    Reenu narula August 16, 2020

    Their Pull Apart Bread (also known as MONKEY LOAF ????) what they call on their menu it is scrumptiously delicious and the bread smells amazing too. I got 2 loves of garlic bread and along with 2 tiramisu and they were vegan and divine. Definitely good amount and freshly baked. P.S. Dont forget to get on their homemade vegan cheese too!

  • napatsorn pathomnantapong July 22, 2020

    Such a satisfied snack ever!! Their Tiramisu is beyond. Super moist&rich in flavour. The cheesecake one is also sooo gooood. I'm so impressed!!<\3