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Under360 is a clean delivery restaurant with the concept of wanting to make clean food, lose weight for everyone to eat every day. In calories per box no more than 360 kcal because it is a calorie per meal that is suitable for the weight loss ratio of Thai people. By focusing on a variety of menus, including Thai, Chinese, Western, the menu changes every week. And emphasize the taste of food that is easy to eat Because we want our customers to feel happy. Not afraid of the word 'Clean food is not delicious' anymore:) All recipes are invented and developed by under360 chefs by bringing the knowledge from various cooking classes to develop' healthy 'food' that are delicious and not boring. By maintaining the quality of freshness and cleanliness according to the 5-star hotel principle by calculating the calories already.

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  • Bom Suwatin Wattanavitukul May 17, 2021

    คุ้มค่ามากครับ รสชาติดีด้วย

  • Walaipan Ch May 17, 2021

    ได้อาหารคลีน2กล่อง รสชาติอร่อยมาก กินเสร็จไม่รุ้สึกคอแห้ง / โปรตีนแพคอีก2ห่อ เป็นไก่ กินเป็นกับข้าวได้ คุ้มมากๆ