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With their refined atmosphere rich in gourmet history, The Mandarin Oriental Shops in Bangkok have been delighting guests and residents for years. Mouth-watering homemade delicacies including pastries, cakes, macarons and seasonal favourites tempt with their delicate flavours and flawless execution, while beautiful handcrafted culinary gifts, seasonal hampers and mooncakes are also available.

The Mandarin Oriental Shop's Listings


  • Preem Thammachai April 6, 2021

    I got 4 pastries from this baked shop. Ham&Cheese Croissant, Walnut Bread, Chicken Curry Pie and Peach danish. This is worth for money. Recommended!

  • Mind Thaitrakulpanich March 20, 2021

    Got a huge loaf of walnut bread, a fish pie, a pie with clams in white sauce, and a sausage roll. The sausage roll alone is 180 baht at full price!