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Satisfy your chocolate craving at Chocolab by SO Bangkok with the finest chocolate creations in town and a full view of the crafting of sweet treats in the chocolate laboratory, plus the opportunity to learn from the pro at Chocolab cooking classes and enjoy unlimited chocolate, pastries & sweet treats waiting for you. Chocolab by SO is committed to reducing food waste with sustainable initiatives like Yindii and food charities like S.O.S Thailand. 💚🌏🌱 We strive to commit to reduce food waste and protect the planet by partnering with Yindii

Chocolab by SO/ Bangkok's Listings


  • Kanistha Tiancharoenkul​ March 3, 2021

    น่าทานมากค่ะ​ ดูมีคุณภาพดีค่ะ​ แต่ได้​danish cinamon roll มา2ชิ้น​ นึกว่าจะได้chocolate croissant เหมือนคนอื่นค่ะ😅

  • Pii Ratchadkorntam
    Pii Ratchadkorntam February 22, 2021

    Got 4 yummy pastry as tge same with the previous reviews. So lovely!

  • Bonita Benjasupawan December 29, 2020

    Lovely 4 bakery as advertised! Amazing and lovely delicacies. The staff was helpful too! Would defo visit again!

  • Viriya Wong December 17, 2020

    จัดส่งรวดเร็ว ขนมน่าทานมากค่ะ

  • Kana Aso December 15, 2020

    Since I’ve never been to SO/Bangkok before, I thought it would be a nice chance to visit the hotel if I picked up my order. However, I ended up working late at my office and rushed in just in time to pick up the pastries before they closed. Little did I know, I was the 1st customer and they had treated me to a complimentary hi-tea voucher😭💕 Thank you so much! And YES not only do the pastries look beautiful, it’s so rich in flavor and insanely delicious!!😋