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We believe in The Earth being a living planet. Veganism & Vegetarianism will help keep the Earth healthy. Vegan and Vegetarian food also keeps our bodies healthy and strong. We use the freshest ingredients from the farm. All sauces are home made without preservatives and chemicals.

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  • Siriluck Ch April 27, 2021

    First time for Yindii, what a surprised! App was down and there was something wrong while I was waiting for the box. I ordered at 17:43 and waited for one and a half hour with nothing. Second surprised, got the box at 21:30 in poor condition due to the delivery!! Btw, I could not have chance to taste this. I think it is peas and potato curry with rice and papadum.

    Anyway, special thanks Yindii admin for the help.

  • chatchamon Ingpalangsrikul April 27, 2021

    ทานที่ร้านน่าจะถูกกว่าค่ะ หรือสั่งตรง ที่ได้มาน้อยมากเทียบกับเมนูที่ๆร้านให้มา

  • Thambongkot Cornniyom April 15, 2021

    ขนาดพอดีสำหรับทานคนเดียวค่ะ เน้นว่าเป็นอาหาร vegetarian นะคะ แต่รสชาติดีเลยแหละ

  • Rebeca Sales
    Rebeca Sales March 19, 2021

    I receive a full meal : vegan curry, rice, papad and Indian dessert. It was delicious and tasty, a bit spicy as well ^^ Super recommended!