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Pinnacle Gastro is a leading importer of premium beverages to B2B in Thailand. They bring out the finest products from around the globe together with delivering a high degree of quality customer service in order for our customers to create the best dining experience. They carry a range of products from food to drinks along with wine preservation & dispensing systems plus coffee machines. Hence we would like to join in Yindii’s efforts to reduce food waste,while bringing out premium quality food and beverage to consumers at the same time.

Pinnacle Gastro's Listings


  • Sasinant boonchien July 19, 2021

    ได้รับน้ำไวมากๆค่ะ ประทับใจ คนขับมาส่งไวมากๆ ส่งถึงที่เลย ไว้หมดจะไปfill out ไหมนะคะ ;)

  • Rebeca Sales

    The mermalades are delicious and come with a beautiful packaging. We did a group purchase with my friends to save also on delivery ^^

  • Jirapan Moungjaroen May 10, 2021

    คุ้มค่ามากค่ะ ได้น้ำแร่ตามจำนวนที่แจ้ง ไม่มีค่าจัดส่งด้วย คราวหน้าได้อุดหนุนอีกแน่นอน

  • Mai Muhsen February 3, 2021

    Bought two orders, tried one today.. Amazing quality at an excellent price. Recommended for anyone who likes healthy, nutritional breakfasts. The best thing about this is the calories, it's loaded with good nutrients but not high in calories.

  • ramona wagner
    ramona wagner October 23, 2020

    It is great value for money & tastes amazing - real breakfast treat for the whole family.