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We are Tonklar Facai, a plant-based healthy food restaurant operates under the concept of Social Enterprise by delivering a portion of the profits to the Siriraj Foundation. To develop thai traditional medicine, "Clear Seedling" invites you to fall in love with good health, both physically and mentally, by eating a plant-based diet for every item of "clear seedling" to represent love. We'd like to make a choice for everyone who loves health, try our food that gives you "delicious brain, heart-warming and far away sickness" together. We are: Vegan Plant based Farm to Fork 💚🌏🌱 We strive to commit to reduce food waste and protect the planet by partnering with Yindii

Tonklar Facai's Listings


  • adele cuzenic May 18, 2021

    I just received 3 items (4 items should be delivered in the description) and I don’t even know what it is as nothing is written. One cold juice and one cake but I don’t know which taste and one dried snack. I am really disappointed

  • Yvonne Chin January 9, 2021

    Just got my box - two fresh pressed juices and two boxes of energy balls. Everything is delicious!

  • Reenu narula
    Reenu narula January 9, 2021

    Great healthy snacks for breakfast and pre or post workout meals. The quality and quantity for the price is good. Love the titles like for skin and gut friendly snacks and drink.

  • sharon d January 6, 2021

    Delivery came on time and early enough for dinner. Delivery included two cold meals that can be warmed up for dinner, 4 energy balls and one bottle of pressed juice. The quantity for the price is good. Would definitely order again.