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At Kitchen Fresh, we proudly produce creative, clean and delicious meals for daily dining. We focus on cooking with green, honest and healthy ingredients from the hills of Chiang Mai. “Proving you are what you eat is a healthy choice” 💚🌏🌱 We strive to commit to reduce food waste and protect the planet by partnering with Yindii

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  • Mera Grozier January 15, 2021

    Ordered one vegetarian and one non vegetarian meal and we got a lot of food (we have leftovers for lunch tomorrow I guess!) all was very delicious and great quality.

  • Yeng Acelar January 14, 2021

    For a rescued meal, the quality is really good and quantity is large. My bag came with 1 box quinoa beetroot, 1 box tempeh romesca, a bread, and a cookie. Will rescue again for sure.

  • han mir January 13, 2021

    Did not expect so much food but everything was delicious! However , some of the vegetables tasted a little off and I did get a stomach ache right after so I think the freshness of the food is questionable.

  • Yvonne Chin January 11, 2021

    Ordered 3 boxes, got 4 mains, bread, three cookies and some sauce/soup (we weren’t sure which it was). The pork with cabbage and potato was especially delicious. This is a wonderful healthy option for lunch!

  • daria kirbai January 11, 2021

    Delicious food, quantity is great and so healthy. Loved my first experience with Yindii. Awesome job guys!