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Simple and home-made Indian food made by mom. 🥘 Natural, fresh, and local ingredients 📝 New veg/vegan and protein dishes every week 😋 Fulfilling and affordable 🌎💚 Let’s fight for the planet together!

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  • Aries Nithussananonthachai April 16, 2021

    Very delightful homemade curry.

    เหมือนเปิด​ surprised box ไม่รู้ว่าจะได้ทานอะไร​ สนุกดีค่ะ​ วันนี้สั่งครั้งแรกได้แกงถั่วลูกไก่รสจัดเครื่องเทศชัดมาก​ ผักเครื่องเคียงก็อร่อยค่ะ​

    Can't wait for next order. 🙂

  • Flora Honey April 2, 2021

    It was great meal and delicious. thank you so much ☺️

  • Kim Cranshaw February 12, 2021

    This meal has made me feel so happy. The spicing was perfection. The most authentic Indian food I've had in Bangkok. Thanks Mom 😘

  • christine getzler
    christine getzler January 22, 2021

    Such a delicious and spicy chicken curry- generous portion and can’t wait to order again!

  • Pat Jayanta January 16, 2021

    Delicious homemade Indian curry, very light and tasty.