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Simple and home-made Indian food made by mom. 🥘 Natural, fresh, and local ingredients 📝 New veg/vegan and protein dishes every week 😋 Fulfilling and affordable 🌎💚 Let’s fight for the planet together!

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  • Woravudhi Wang October 28, 2020

    อร่อยมากครับ ปกติชอบกินอาหารอินเดียอยู่แล้ว เป็นแบบโฮมเมดที่รสชาติดีมาก ให้มาอิ่มพอดี ราคาก็โดนใจ สั่งอีกแน่นอนครับ

  • Julie Louise Johnsen October 25, 2020

    Delicious, vegetarian (Friday version) curry delivered with the sweetest message. Thank you, Curry from home!

  • ramona wagner
    ramona wagner September 29, 2020

    The box included 2 curries including 2 portions of rice & pickles. It was a great meal & delicious flavor (even i am more a fan of creamy curry but it was still super yummy)! I ordered Friday so got the Vegetarian version. Looking at their menu above I will surely try it another time. Thanks for offering so much options ;).