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At Hidden Forest, we embrace a balance between indulging yourself with treats and taking care of your body with nutrients it needs. Indulge mindfully, we’d say, and that’s when our body is happy, our soul is happy, and so we are happy. We make delicious snacks and desserts using whole, natural, and nourishing ingredients. Yet, who said healthy food has to be bland, boring, and uninspiring? Not here. We are passionate in creating fun, exciting, fancy fancy treats while keeping them so nutritiously delicious. Coz why not? We care about our planet and that’s why we are on Yindii !

Hidden Forest Hideout's Listings


  • Zan Ruchakityanon May 15, 2021

    ชอบมากๆค่ะ ได้มา 4 อย่าง
    อร่อยทุกอย่างเลย ครั้งน้าแอบช่วงแจ้งวันหมดอายุอายุให้ด้วยจะสุดยอดเลยค่ะ^^

  • Isariya Boonkasemsanti May 11, 2021

    ได้รับของมาสี่ชิ้นค่ะ ชอบทุกชิ้นที่ได้มา มี Pumpkin carrot walnut loaf, chocolate mud cake 😍, ทาร์ตชาเขียว, ถั่วต่างประเทศรวม 1 กระปุก คือดีงามมาก ประเสริฐ เลิศล้ำ อำไพ

  • Walaipan Ch May 9, 2021

    really happy to receive all of these, taste is good

  • niwarin phlainoi May 5, 2021

    Expecting a box full of pastries as per the description. What I received were 1 cookies,1 banana bread, mixed nuts and dried rice berry popcorn.

  • Reenu narula
    Reenu narula September 6, 2020

    Details are too good to be true. Love sustainable packing and words they have used “reuse” on all boxes. All of their desserts and snacks are Vegan and plant based and so pleased to try different flavors they created. Berries, chocolate, sweet potato,mocha wow so many they experiment. #golocal #foodhero#reuse