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Green Bottle is an environmentally friendly brand that cares about the Earth both in the ingredients we use and in the packaging we choose. We believe that greeness should be inside and out. We use fine ingredients of Californian almonds and clean drinking water to make the home-made Pure Almond milk, which is the nutty and creamy milk used as a base for all other flavors. Pure almond milk is vegan, lactose-free and unsweetened, and they taste extremely nutty from real almonds. Other flavors are slightly sweetened with raw honey. So they’re guilt-free and healthy!

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  • Reenu narula
    Reenu narula October 16, 2020

    Love the packaging and sustainable glass. I shared with my friends and family and they love the flavors. They’ve got vegan nut butters and energy bars too will definitely buy for my next orders. 👍🌿🌎