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Green Angel Organics represents a community group who grow organic fruits and vegetables which are sold directly to our loyal customers. We invite all of you to purchase our products and support this important initiative. Some of the profits from Green Angel Organics are used to assist farmers in remote rural areas adapt their farming practices to grow organic products and get them from the farm to your table.

Green Angel's Listings


  • Theo Laborey December 10, 2020


    Great value!

    I never bought that many grapes in my life. Enough to survive another lockdown.
    And delicious too!
    Well packaged in a sturdy cardboard box (reused), nothing was squished when I got home.

  • Penny Wang December 4, 2020

    Very good quality. I'm happy with the box

  • Benedicte Lethielleux December 4, 2020

    I ordered my third box and I have to say that quality has improved (vegetables are more fresh) but the quantity has significantly decreased and there was no fruits.

  • Jo Aigner November 26, 2020

    Got my third surprise box from Green Apple today. Quality has definitely improved from last time.. Very happy with what I received today 👍 🙏

  • Joost Arxhoek November 13, 2020

    I've ordered twice now, and I've been reasonably happy, but I have to say both times I had to chuck some of the veggies or fruit right away because they were just wilted or in no state to be eaten. This can't be the concept of the Yindii box...
    I also think 450 baht is decent value, but the box is definitely not worth 900 baht (regular price) as the items are just tomatoes, carrots, potatoes etc. Having said that, the veggies I cooked up were really yummy and full of flavor.