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Green Angel Organics represents a community group who grow organic fruits and vegetables which are sold directly to our loyal customers. We invite all of you to purchase our products and support this important initiative. Some of the profits from Green Angel Organics are used to assist farmers in remote rural areas adapt their farming practices to grow organic products and get them from the farm to your table.

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  • Yvonne Chin October 19, 2020

    So much produce! The mix forces me to be creative with our meals, which is a bonus.

  • caroline Ronssin September 28, 2020

    Super fast delivery and nice mix of fruits and vegetables ! (Also got a beetroot we can't see on the picture.)
    I will order again for sure :-)

  • Reenu narula
    Reenu narula September 20, 2020

    Nature at its best. Got full loads of veggies, fruits and varieties that you may find in Thailand. Organic, edible, colorful veggies for your dinner. Perfect sharing with family. Basic food doesn’t need to be packaged anyways. I feel you can try to avoid using scotchtape and use straw string to wrap around the box. No package#saynotoplastic and say yes to #ugly fruit 👌💪🍌🥬🥕

  • Aurore Pauze August 30, 2020

    Great variety and so fresh ! Love it. Price is unbeatable

  • EUNHA Jang August 9, 2020

    I got a bunch of fresh vegetables and fruits ???? In my box I have the yellow, red and green peppers. onions, cucumbers, eggplants, passionfruits, beans , potatoes, cauliflowers, limes, and brown rice!
    All are organic products and the price is unbelievable!! Can't wait to cook with them ♡