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For over 20 years Folies has built a reputation in Asia as the supplier of premium breads, cakes and pastries in the French tradition. Through the years, Folies' brand has been recognized for consistent quality and value. We have partnered with clients and shared our unique skills and experience.​ Our promise is to honour this tradition with care, passion and patience.

Folies's Listings


  • Namz Ratanalertratsamee April 10, 2021

    สั่งครั้งแรก ลุ้นมากๆว่าจะได้อะไรบ้าง ตอนลาลามูฟมาส่ง ตกใจบาเกตมาก สรุปได้มา 8 ชิ้นเลยค่ะ คุ้มมากๆๆๆ มีสั่งรอบ 2 อีกแน่นอนค่ะ :-)

  • Nataphon Kriangprapakit April 10, 2021

    Great quantity but didnt expect 6 pies, with 4 of them are the same suasage pies. Expect at least one dessert.

  • Kathy Cheng February 23, 2021

    Absolutely loved tge goodies Folies sent me❤❤❤

  • Linz Jongjitaree February 21, 2021

    Very great deal! I ordered 2 boxes and got some big and delicious pastries. (2 baguettes, 6 savory puffs, 1 apple puff, 2 danishes, 3 breads, 1 butterwind).

  • Needa Ostapirat February 16, 2021

    Got lots of big surprise !
    3 loaves of bread + 5 croissant + puff & pies and more. Sizes are big and all are delicious. Best for sharing with family and enjoy them together ^^