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Délifrance is a bakery company that produces "French style" bakery, savoury and snacking products since 1983. Délifrance is commited to lowering its impact on global warming and reducing foodwaste by partnering with Yindii.

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  • Julie Louise Johnsen October 23, 2020

    Really tasty pastries, thank you Delifrance🥐❤️

  • Thitida Piasupun August 29, 2020

    Very good deal and service. all delicious! I’ll order again ❤️

  • Cate Roberts
    Cate Roberts August 6, 2020

    Great service , great deal , nice variety of pastries which were all delicious, I will order again!
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  • Laurine Arnould July 16, 2020

    Delicious croissants and pastries! Same taste as what I would get from a top bakery in Paris! Quick service and very good deal. I will order soon again, thank you Yindii!

  • Nakanuntinee Sutthiklub July 13, 2020

    I’m beyond happy and surprised by the quality of the products. They are amazing and YOU are AMAZING, Yindii!! I’ll definitely come back! :)